Popular funeral flowers - Star and flower tattoo designs.

Popular Funeral Flowers

popular funeral flowers

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  • Funeral is the debut full-length album by Canadian indie rock band Arcade Fire, released on September 14, 2004 in North America by Merge Records and on February 28, 2005 in Europe by Rough Trade Records.

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The ~Language of Flowers~ originated in Persia in the 15th century, and was brought to Europe in the 18th centuary. In the 19th century, this ~floral code~ became popular and people sent messages in bouquets to each other. Since each flower, colour, and number had a specific meaning, conversations between lovers took place without a single word being used. Roses are the perfect gifts to convey your emotions.
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Red roses signify love and respect.
Red roses are used for Lovers and stand for respect and courage; they mean love; unity; romantic and passionate love; love.
Amaranth Red - Long Standing Desire
Cardinal Red - Sublime Desire
Carmine Red- Deceitful Desire
Firey Red- Flames of Passion

Black roses signify death hatred and farewell. Used at funerals.
A single black rose was used by a close friend and or loved one leaving for a war or on a journey he did not expect to return from.

Orange and Coral roses imply desire.

Lavender/Purple roses stand for grace, gentility, elegance and refinement.
It is the rose of sweet thoughts, adds enchantment and indicates opulence or majesty.
Lavender roses are also referred to as blue roses.

Peach and Pale colored roses convey sociability and friendship.
Peach roses are also referred to as Pink roses.

Show appreciation or gratitude with pink roses.
Send light pink roses to say you understand, you're sympathetic or you're sorry if someone is ill.

Red & White roses together, or white roses with red edges mean Unity.

Red & Yellow roses together convey happy feelings, gaiety, joviality and happiness

Orange & Yellow roses together mean enthusiasm, desire and passionate thoughts.

White and Coral together, You’re heavenly and I desire you.

Yellow roses symbolize joy and friendship.
Yellow roses in the victorian times meant jealousy. Today they are a sign of friendship, joy, gladness and freedom. They are used for wedding showers.
In Islamic folklore, they symbolize deceit, treachery, and adultery.
In Mexico yellow roses/flowers are a sign of death.
In France yellow roses/flowers represent infidelity.

Send a dozen white roses when you want to connote secrecy, innocence or purity.
White roses symbolize reverence and humility.
Virgin Mary is represented by a white rose as a symbol of her purity.
In American culture, the white roses symbolize security and happiness and are used for weddings.
The white rose is also known as the ~Flower of Light.~
In Scotland when the white rose bloomed in autumn it was seen as a sign of early marriage.
In Wales, white roses represent innocence and silence, and are often placed on the grave of a young child.
In Asian tradition, white stands for the ultimate absence; death.
In Vietnam, the white rose is worn on Mother's Day for those whose mothers have passed away
Red rose is worn on Mother's Day for those with mothers still alive.


1 Rose

2 Roses

2 Roses Joined Together
Coming Marriage

12 Roses
Ultimate declaration of love

25 Roses

50 Roses
Unconditional Love

ca. 1357-1370 - 'count Johann II von Katzenelnbogen (+1357)', Kloster Eberbach, Hattenheim, Eltville am Rhein, Hessen, Germany

ca. 1357-1370 - 'count Johann II von Katzenelnbogen (+1357)', Kloster Eberbach, Hattenheim, Eltville am Rhein, Hessen, Germany

This highlight of 14th century funeral art most probably portrays count Johann II of Katzenelnbogen, who died in 1357. In my opinion it was carved some years after his death, maybe around 1360.

Count Johann's armour is depicted in high detail, which makes this tomb effigy a perfect research example for 14th century military dress.

Johann II wears a high and globular bascinet with an aventail (or camail) with a leather lining at the upper edges, attached to the bascinet by a rope running through vervelles which are part of the helmet. His lifted "Klappvisier" probably has a rounded mouth instead of the slightly later "Hundsgugel"-visor (with a long pointed snout). There's no sign of carved breathing holes in it.

His body defences comprise 1. a mail hauberk with long sleeves and skirt worn over 2. a gambeson (protective clothing of softer fabrics, stuffed with hair, other textiles etc., very efficient against sword blows) (can't be seen in the effigy).
3. The coat-of-plates, worn over the hauberk, is a garment which consists of metal plates riveted inside of two cloth layers, the rivets can be seen all over it (as well as on his thigh-defences protruding from under his genouilleres or knie cups, made of a similar material). Around the torso there are less rivets since his breast is protected by a bigger plate (which would become the early, seperately worn breastplate some ten years later).
Johann's coat-of-plates is a coat-of-arms as well, since his arms are depicted on it instead of on a seperate surcoat.

The edge of the skirt of his coat-of-plates ends in leave-like decorations. The edges of the short sleeves are decorated with heart-shapes, a motif that can also be seen on the edges of his thigh defences. Two flowers (rivets as well?) are worn on his shoulders, probably made from brass or plate.
On his torso two crowns (stapled to his breast-plate) with two chains hanging from them are attached to his dagger and/or his great helm.

Early hourglass-gauntlets protect his hands; note how beautifully the knuckles get their own shaped plates!

The highly decorated hip-belt (fashionable from ca. 1350 to ca. 1430) is made from numerous brass or metal plaques.

Leg defences are 1. mail chausses, 2. thigh defences of a material comparable to the coat-of-plates, 3. genouilleres strapped over them, made of cuir-bouilli, metal or brass, 4. greaves strapped over the shins, and 5. sollerets or sabatons made of numerous metal plates. Rowel spurs are worn on the instep.

The arming sword is of the hand-and-a-half type with a flattened ogival pommel. Apparently its got its own belt folded around the scabbard, so it wasn't worn attached to the hip-belt (?). The dagger is a baselard (an H-shaped handle).

Johann's great helm shows a mantle and crest, and would have only been worn at the tournament, not in battle. It remained a popular item in effigies as a chivalrous symbol.

No inscription for this effigy has been preserved.

popular funeral flowers

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