Square Plastic Flower Pots. La Canada Flowers

Square Plastic Flower Pots

square plastic flower pots

    flower pots
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Oh maaaan, I am SO EXCITED about these boxes! Matt spotted a container sale at Fred Meyer's and helped me put together this little sculpting box. Before this, I just kept everything in... easily upset piles. It was really awful.

It's a 16 oz "Sterilite" clear plastic container, a cutlery tray and six 9.5 oz tuperware snack containers.

The cutlery tray sits PERFECTLY on this little ridge inside of the clear box, so it serves as the top level. I'm keeping my tools and a few other misc. items in it.

The tiny tuperwares hold my actual clay, which are divided by color. Next step: labeling which colors are inside each one. The square-shaped container was a Trader Joe's candy container that now hold extra flower pots.

Day 329/365: It's Quite Easy Being Green

Day 329/365: It's Quite Easy Being Green


Pet peeve: plastic bags. They are not necessary. They don't biodegrade. Don't use them. That's that.

I have stopped using them along time ago. I have many canvas bags and I take them with me shopping, not just at grocery stores, but at clothing stores, etc. Once I shopped some clothes and carried them in my arms because the shop had plastic bags and I didn't have a canvas bag with me.

The "plastic" bag you see in this photo at the left is actually made from grains! The organic food store by my house uses them, they are awesome. They actually smell like a field, you feel like you can eat them! Awesome stuff.

For FGR's "Live the Change"


square plastic flower pots

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