Free Flower Catalogs : How To Dry Lavender Flowers.

Free Flower Catalogs

free flower catalogs

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free flower catalogs - Signature Flowers

Signature Flowers : A Revealing Collection of Celebrity Drawings

Signature Flowers : A Revealing Collection of Celebrity Drawings

Signature Flowers showcases 100 flowers drawn by celebrated movie stars, artists, musicians, writers, and more.

Victoria Leacock has chosen these very special "autographs" from her unique twenty-year collection. Complete with biographies of the contributors and fascinating stories behind select drawings, Signature Flowers is a one-of-a-kind garden of perennials.

Victoria Leacock will donate thirty percent of her proceeds to Love Heals, the Alison Gertz Foundation for AIDS Education and to the American Foundation for AIDS Research (AmFAR).

80% (10)



...The Zeus Love Rose to Europa...

Europa (Greek ??????) was a Phoenician woman of high lineage in Greek mythology, from whom the name of the continent Europe has ultimately been taken. The story of her abduction by Zeus in the form of a bull was a Cretan story, as Kerenyi points out; "most of the love-stories concerning Zeus originated from more ancient tales describing his marriages with goddesses. This can especially be said of the story of Europa." The name Europa occurs in the list of daughters of primordial Oceanus and Tethys; the daughter of the earth-giant Tityas and mother of Euphemus by Poseidon, was named Europa.
Europa's earliest literary reference is in the Iliad, which is commonly dated to the late 9th or to the 8th century BC. Another early reference to her is in a fragment of the Hesiodic Catalogue of Women, discovered at Oxyrhyncus. The earliest vase-painting securely identifiable as Europa, dates mid-seventh century BC.

Flower Ruffle Tank

Flower Ruffle Tank

I used the free tank top from Ottobre's website and added ruffles to the neckline and armholes and down the front. My inspiration was a top in Chasing Fireflies catalog.

free flower catalogs

free flower catalogs

Flowers: Portraits of Intimacy

Award-winning photographer Adam Kufeld takes on the always popular subject of flowers in a fresh and provocative way, using a close-range lens to describe the intricate, surprising forms hidden inside blossoms. His macro lens allows Kufeld to capture detail invisible to the naked eye, and take advantage of the naturally brilliant color and suggestive forms of petal, stamen, and pistil to create images that transform their subject. A flower grower from an early age and an orchid tender for almost 15 years, Kufeld knows flowers intimately. His elegant, stylized, seductive portraits depict common garden flowers, including morning glories, bougainvillea, daisies, poppies, lilies, zinnias, roses, and passion flowers, as well as more exotic varieties, such as orchids. His original Giclee prints, on traditional watercolor paper, have been hugely successful in exhibition. Flowers: Portraits of Intimacy includes more than 60 photographs captioned with the common name of the flower and an introduction by acclaimed floral designer Rebecca Cole.

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